At the service of young people


Throughout the history of mankind, there have existed men who will never be forgotten: Napoleon, Beethoven, Pasteur, Karl Marx, Leo XIII, and Ozanam... From a little village in Piedmont, north of Italy, a humble priest took his place among these renowned inventors, artists, chiefs of State, and thinkers: JOHN BOSCO.

A priest guided from on High, and who had a dream: to minister to young people, especially the poorest. He was not only a dreamer but also a creator, an achiever, and an initiator: he wanted, in the name of God, to lead young people to new heighs in spiritual and human life.

JOHN BOSCO: a gifted man, a well-balanced spirit, a will of iron, and an absolute love of God. A man who could see far and beyond. A just man: he would not allow anyone to mislead or abuse young people. Then, after having fed them, he taught them how to earn a living, and to build their own future. His only strength: LOVE

With the help of Mary Domenica Mazzarello, foundress of the Salesian Sisters, John Bosco did much good for young people. Throughout the years that followed many young men and women joined him to follow his ideal: To place themselves at the service of, as well as with and for young people.
A hundred years later, on five continents, thousands of their disciples choose the same ideal and the same method of the gift of self. With eyes on Heaven and feet on earth, these disciples live among the young, understand, and love them so that they may not lose hope. Yes, this is but a partial picture of Don Bosco and the Salesian Priests, Brothers, Sisters. This is a glimpse of the Salesian Family of today and of the future.


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