The Don Bosco Volunteers

They are consecrated women, members of a secular Institute in the Salesian Family.
Without living in community, without changing their occupation, the Don Bosco Volunteers consecrate themselves by vow to God. They are more than 1300 in the world today. Blessed Philip Rinaldi, the third successor of Don Bosco, founded them in 1917. Since a few years a similar group exists for men.

It is way to answer the call of consecrating onself to God in the service of the young while continuing to live in their own home.
N.B. The Salesian Family also includes other associations, such as the Past Pupils of Don Bosco. Also about 20 male and female Congregations, secular Institutes and lay Associations claim the Salesian Family as their own. All reflect in their lives the spirituality of Don Bosco.

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