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We carry out our mission chiefly in such works and activities as make possible the human and Christian education of the young. The school is a privileged milieu whereby to attain these objectives. In Canada, about 15 SDB and FMA work in schools.
Séminaire Salésien, in Sherbrooke, QC, a private Secondary School for boys & girls.
This private school was founded in 1959 by the Salesians as a junior seminary. It was established in Boucherville, south of Montreal, and moved to Sherbrooke in 1962. After having been a boys’ school for 20 years, the Séminaire became coed in 1981 and now welcomes about 650 students of Secondary level, i.e. from ages 12 to 17. Since 1980, the school is administered by a corporation made up of parents- Salesians – lay personnel. Salesians are still involved in the managing of the school and have the responsibility of the Religious Education Department and Pastoral Animation.
Other presences in schools
SDB and FMA work in different schools as:
  • pastoral animators;
  • teachers of different disciplines;
  • animators of Christian Leadership camps and retreats for the young.