Holy Father`s General intention : June 2009

That international attention given to the world`s poorest nations may give rise to more practical assistance, especially to reduce the impossible burden of foreign debt.: let us pray.

Holy Father`s missionary intention :

That particular Churches working in areas marked by violence may feel supported by the love and closeness of Catholics throughout the world.; let us pray.

Salesian Missions intention :

That Salesian novices in Africa may mature in their consecrated calling through an authentic love and dedication to the poor, especially the young: let us pray..

(In the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus we think of the Salesian novices (around a hundred of them) entrusted to Him in the African continent. Coming from countries and families sorely tried by experiences of poverty they are increasing as a sign of great hope for all the young who are amongst the poorest in the world. This is one of the most precious charismatic services that the Salesians can offer the poorest countries of Africa).












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